driven / engaging / confident

Big and beautiful is Bex’s approach to hair, with a love for a fabulous blow dry and style. With a knack for making everyone feel like her BFF, Bex will ensure you walk out of the salon looking and feeling magnificent.

In between holidays and drinking French champagne, you can find Bex dressed to impress on G-Town’s social scene. In her downtime, the creative vibe continues in all aspects of her life.

The Boss Lady of Berdi is truly entrepreneurial and treats her team like family. She also loves the mighty Cats, planning parties and a really good cheese platter.

Bex loves O&M Original Queenie hair spray, naturally.


inspired / motivated / welcoming

An inspired attitude and making the most out of life is shaping Tegan into the next best thing. Her exceptional enthusiasm for learning and upskilling has inspired both Tegan and her merry band of loyal clients.

With a renewed love for Geelong’s growth and café scene, you’ll also find Tegan looking for adventure at the beach or following winter for the snow.

Fuelled by coffee and mint pana chocolate, this young back in black starlet will have you walking out of the salon looking like a million bucks.

Tegan loves O&M Project Sukouri for taming the unruly.


consistent / chilled / fun

When Holly is not drinking coffee or champagne with the best of us she is methodically perfecting your colour. Holly’s keen attention to detail means that clients feel relaxed and great about themselves when they walk out the door. Don’t be surprised if you see their self-esteem jump and an Instagram worthy selfie thanks to Holly’s skills.

When Holly leaves the salon, you will find her anywhere there is a beach, whether it is road tripping along the coast and camping or relaxing in Hawaii.

Holly loves foiling and cutting and eating an antipasto platter. But not together. That would be awkward but delicious.

Holly uses O&M Surf Bomb to keep hold of those Berdi curls.


ardent / eager / committed

A hairdressing veteran with a passionate work ethic, Tommy loves making his clients feel great about their style. A prolific chatter with an excellent cutting technique he certain to tick all the boxes for fun and fabulous!

When Tommy is not busy making you feel amazing, you’ll find him perched on a wakeboard, cruising at the beach or chilling with music. Away from the waves, his ultimate day includes hanging with friends and family.

Tommy loves O&M Project Sukouri for amazing and shiny hair.


vibrant / welcoming / self-assured

Jake’s gorgeous smile and welcoming openness is all part of his incredible salon charm. Jake may be a newcomer to the berdi block but his killer shampoo technique {hello shiny hair #selfie} and genuine love of hair makes him your go-to-guy. With a love of colouring, especially blondes {another yay} Jake has already found himself right at home with the berdi family vibe.

If he is without an almond milk smoothie or hanging out at the beach, you can find Jake painting, drawing or scaring the bejeezus outta himself with a horror flick!

Jake can’t live without O&M Surf Bomb because if you ain’t at the beach, you may as well look like you have been!


kick arse / caring / passionate

Claudea is our kick ass trainee who practically runs the show.

This little chatterbox will shampoo you to happiness whilst sharing her passion for living a fun life surrounded by good people. Clauds also loves the team environment at Berdi and how everyone has each other’s backs.

On the weekends, Clauds can be found wearing pink and drinking espresso martinis. She likes a bit of downtime with her BF and is a fan of the series Criminal Minds.

Claudea loves O&M Desert Dry for the look of texture and volume without lifting a
finger. We say that’s clever thinking.


eager / fresh / ready

Our up and coming stylist is passionate Lids who loves nothing more than helping you feel fabulous.

A dedicated coffee drinker and wearer of black, Lidija screams passionate Melbournian dancing on the pavements in Geelong. She’s a bit of a blow dry guru as well so it is worth getting to know her!

Away from the salon, Lids loves to hang with her gorgeous family and shop till she drops. In between there you'll find an ice cream in her hand and a twinkle in her eye.

Lids thinks O&M Surf Bomb is the actual bomb.


playful / chatty / determined

Fresh on the Berdi scene is Maddy, our self-motivated and passionate newbie. A social butterfly who loves getting to know all our clients, Maddy loves the finished product of a beautiful hair experience.

Outside of the salon, Mads loves to dance hard after a big day’s work. Indulging in a lemon, lime + bitters and self-soothing with Nutella, Maddy can also be found bunkering down for a good film.

Maddy loves O&M Original Detox for a nice deep cleanse of the hair.