The first of her two business babies, Berdi feels like home and her staff members family to our champagne loving boss lady. She is most proud of the team dynamic she has cultivated over the last 10 years and describes work as getting to hang out with people she loves everyday.

Known for her signature bouncy blow dry and eagerness to take on a cutting challenge (did someone say ‘big chop? Or “gimme a fringe”’), Bex always brings her A-game and never breaks a sweat! Her ‘get shit done’ kinda attitude, combined with an abundance of creativity and undeniable love for hair makes her a weapon on the salon floor.

She can’t live without her desert dry texture spray which she says is key to recreating her trademark messy beach waves.

Welcoming her first child, Georgia, in 2020, Bex loves spending time with her family, especially if it involves a late brunch and afternoon wines in the sun.


senior stylist

We are yet to discover a hair colour that Tegan can’t make look bangin’ and after 5 years on the Berdi team (and many different colours later), we think it’s unlikely that day will ever come! Whilst Tegan’s hair colour may be forevering changing, her heel obsession is unwavering- with long days on her feet no deterrent for this shoe obsessed chick.

A makeup artist turned hairdresser, it’s no surprise Tegan loves painting hair and has developed a particular passion for foiling. Though her colorwork is nothing short of exceptional, her colleagues would also rate her cutting skills highly.

Last year Tegan joined the creative O&M tribe in styling hair for PE. Nation’s runway show, at Sydney Fashion Week, an experience she has raved about ever since.

With Atonic, Desert Dry and Surf Bomb all part of her regular hair styling routine, we think it’s fair to say she’s a fan of Original and Mineral products.

Nature is Tegan’s happy place, with an ideal weekend involving either getting out for a hike, a dip at a local beach or camping with her son, River.


senior stylist

Our cutting machine! Referred to as ‘Tommy Turbo’, Tommy’s recognizable booming voice and larrikin demeanor makes him the source of much amusement on the salon floor (to staff and clients alike!). 12 years in this industry has not wavered Tommy’s enthusiasm to ensure his loyal clients get the most out of each appointment.

With a true passion for cutting, there’s not a head of hair that Tommy can’t conquer. A team player through and through, Tommy notes that the supportive and positive vibe of the Berdi team is unparalleled to anything he’s experienced prior.

Hailing from country Victoria, when given the opportunity Tommy loves to travel home to visit family or host them down in Geelong with plenty of trips to the beach and perhaps a bottle of Tequila.


senior stylist

Affectionately known as ‘Floss’, Jake’s passion for colouring has been clear from the start of his three year journey as part of the Berdi Team. With a keen interest in blondes (and a self confessed perfectionist on the subject!) you’re likely to see him babylighting hairlines or finessing the final style to best show off his foil work.

Jake looks to his industry peers as a source of inspiration and loves how social media platforms keep him motivated and eager to push himself as a stylist.

The kindest soul with a huge heart, Jake genuinely enjoys seeing the impact great hair can have on his clients and appreciates his role in making them feel amazing.

If he’s not making his fellow team members crack up with his hilarious observations of the world, you can find Jake at the gym, taking a yoga class or (Victorian weather permitting) soaking up the sun at the beach with a kombucha in hand.


intermediate stylist

On the precipice of reaching qualification, with almost 4 years as a part of the Berdi Family, Claudea brings all the good vibes with her infectious smile and signature warm embraces. When she’s not subjecting us to hugs, Claudea has her finger on the pulse and gets a kick out of seeing the busy bustlin’ salon running smoothly.

Another lover of colour, Claudea has established herself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to all things balayage! Constantly refining her craft, Claudea prides herself on accommodating her clients needs when considering what hairstyle is best for them. She credits her ever growing skillset to the talented team around her and loves soaking in their wealth of knowledge.

Conquer Blonde shampoo followed with the power base treatment are the foundation of her at-home hair care routine.

When she’s not working her magic on hair you might find Claudz hanging out with friends or getting some fresh air on a walk. If she’s not doing either of those things you’ll find her binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, with a bottle of red and some pizza… The perfect balance if you ask us!


trainee stylist

Our ‘up and coming’ stylist, beautiful Lids, is certainly one to watch! Her commitment is obvious in the genuine pride she takes in her work and her meticulous attention to detail. Determined to continue her growth, Lidija always jumps at any opportunity to participate in education or to learn from the more experienced seniors on the team, who she’s grateful to be surrounded by daily.

A lover of all things styling (yes even updo’s!) Lids says her favourite part of the job is when she gets to make her clients feel incredible before a special event. We’re almost certain Lidija is made up of 50% caffeine… and she makes it her mission to ensure we all are too.

The secret to her bouncy blow dries? She swears that a deep cleanse from Original Mineral detox shampoo ensures she gets the most volume every time.

Family orientated, an ideal weekend to Lids involves quality time with her kids, Marcus and Emma and husband Tomi… as long as she’s got plenty of coffee and french bakery goodies to keep her going!


salon coordinator

Cool, calm, collected AND confident is our other salon assistant, Maddie. She’s been with us for a little while now and it’s fair to say she’s got it down pat. Always up for a chat and never one to crack under pressure, Mads rules the basins on a busy Saturday and always greets everyone at the door with her beaming smile.

Mads is most passionate about the client experience in the salon and sees her role as ensuring from the second you walk in, to the moment you leave, that you are stoked with both the process and the result.

Her favourite product would have to be Project Sukori, mainly for its divine, luscious smell.

When she knocks off work, you’ll find her hanging with her mates before hitting the town and dancing up a storm… Followed by a recovery day usually involving a maccas run.


salon assistant

The newest to join the crew, gorgeous young Amber is our kick ass salon assistant who has taken to the role like a duck to water! Despite being her introduction to the workplace, Amber has proven she’s definitely no stranger to knuckling down and getting the job done.

In no time at all she’s mastered the art of a good shampoo and most importantly the making of a bloody good hot chocolate, which also happens to be her fav drink.

Currently in year 10 at Kardinia International College, Amber lends us a hand in the salon after the school day is over. A woman of many talents, when she’s not working or studying you might find Amber painting (yup she’s got the creative genes, look out!) or whipping up some sweet treats in the kitchen.